5 Keys to Losing Weight

Your Diet

What you eat matters. Maybe you’re still young enough to eat what you want, and your metabolism just burns off the extra calories, but that doesn’t last forever, at least for the mass majority of people anyway.

As you get older, you will likely find you need to work harder to keep the fat off. The first key component is eating healthy at least most of the time. You don’t have to starve yourself or never eat your favorite foods. Try to eat the less healthy food in moderation while eating more of the healthy stuff.

Cardiovascular Exercise

There is much debate over whether cardio is beneficial or not as a means to burn fat. Some will say it’s all about your diet while others will say working out is the way to go. Regardless of whether of you decide to engage in strenuous high vigor cardio exercise, getting up and moving around is good for all. It helps your heart and keeps you from becoming sedentary as you age.


Even just taking a walk can do wonders if you can’t participate in higher intensity cardio or have no desire to. Walking, bicycling and swimming are great options for everyone.

Drinking Water

Everything you read about losing weight tells you to drink more water. It’s not just a line or something to fill up an article. Water is essential. Your body needs water. It also helps you digest your food, hydrates you and makes your feel fuller, plus provides a bunch more benefits. Water is the only completely natural, calorie-free drink.


Sometimes feeling hungry can mean you are thirsty. Drink water the next time you are feeling hungry while you’re making your meal. You may find you end up eating less. Obviously, water is not a replacement for food, but if you get to the point that you are thirsty, your body is telling you it needs water. Drinking water regularly may even combat the sudden feeling of thirst, and that is what you should strive for.

For those who don’t like water or find it hard to drink plain water, buy a refillable water bottle. Put some fresh fruit in the bottle of water. Take the bottle with you in the car, to work, to meetings, etc. and you will probably find it easier to sip on it with a little less effort.

Building Muscle

Workouts focused on increasing muscle will do a couple of things for you. First, having more muscle mass tends to make you look thinner because you become leaner. Second, the more muscle you have on your body, the faster your metabolism will be. Having a faster metabolism means you burn more fat rather than store it.


Men tend to want to gain muscle to obtain that ripped physique. They want their muscles to show. Whereas women sometimes will shy away from workouts that build muscle because they don’t want huge biceps.

Although women can become quite muscular if they choose to be, getting to that point usually takes more work than the average guy because women don’t have the testosterone levels men do. By nature, men tend to have stronger upper bodies and probably can gain muscle faster and easier than women.

Women can also benefit by increasing muscle mass and getting some muscle tone. By doing so, you become leaner, look thinner and are more healthy. Strength will increase too, and you improve your metabolism level. All of that is obtainable without looking masculine so don’t shy away from strength training.


Finally for those who need that extra help or a bit of a kick start there are weight loss supplements. There are people who swear by them after seeing positive results. On the flip side, there are others who think any type of diet pill is a scam and bad for you. Be sure to research any supplement before you take it. Some work by suppressing appetite, others block carb absorption or increase metabolism to burn fat faster. Not all supplements are bad.

One word of caution for those considering using supplements – buy only from trusted establishments and official sites. Also, check the labels to make sure whatever main ingredient you are paying for has the right dosage and the pills don’t have extra filler ingredients. The research will tell you what the recommended dosage is of those who got results so verify it matches up.

Most supplements will work best if you combine them with the previously four tips rather than just taking a pill and expecting the weight to melt off your body. Often the web site and or the bottle will specifically state something along the lines of ‘for best results combine with a healthy diet and exercise’. It is wise if you heed this advice.

Bonus Tip # 6

You may want to try juicing to get the nutrients your body needs. Green juices especially will provide you with lots of nutritious ingredients and can help to lose weight too. An organic options for those who want a quick and easy solution is Organifi Green Juice. You can check out my recent post onĀ Organifi green juice powder to get more information.


Final Recommendations

Only you know what is right for you and what you can stick with. Don’t force yourself to sign up for a cardio class if you know you will hate it and won’t follow through. There are plenty of ways to lose weight so pick the options you can follow for the long term and can make part of your life.

By doing so, you will be more successful not only trimming down but maintaining your results going forward. If possible, try to include more than one of the above keys in your plan to lose weight rather than just relying on one method.