Rob Poulos

Who is Rob Poulos?

Rob Poulos is the Creator of Fat Burning Furnace and according to his official site has helped over 70,000 people in more than 137 countries with losing weight. Fat Burning Furnace was developed based on his struggles with years of trying to lose weight while buying weight loss product after product.

Background Story

Like many, he started off by doing all the cardio exercise and following strict diets. Sometimes he would lose weight, but he would hit a plateau and be stuck. Other times when he manage to lose weight quickly, he could not keep it off and before he knew it, he gained it all back.

Bottom line, these other methods just were not working for him. He wasn’t losing any weight in the long run. On top of that, he felt terrible trying to put in hours of exercise and eating a restricted diet.

The important goal for him was finding an efficient method to lose and keep off weight without excessive hours of exercise or fad diet mentality. When he finally figured out what the key to successful weight loss was, he took that knowledge and created the FBF system.

At first he was a bit hesitant to create a system because he had never done anything like that before. However, he knew that many struggled as he did and recognized that his system was the answer to obtaining permanent fat loss.

Also surprisingly, most of what works for the long term is the complete opposite of what many are doing.

The Fat Kid


Rob admits to not being one of those skinny kids while growing up. He was quite the opposite.

As he grew older, he found he was always trying different ways to take off the weight.

He spent over three years piecing together what he found to work for all the systems he bought for himself. During this time, he claims to have spent thousands of dollars while trying to lose weight using various other types of equipment, supplement, and fad diets.
Quick & Easy System

Fat Burning Furnace was created from the trial and error process Rob experienced during his quest to be fit. The outcome was developing a system based on easy to

follow requirements that fit into what he considers to be the average person’s routine.

That meant workouts that don’t take hours to do at the gym every day and no crazy restrictive diets that can’t be sustained for the long term.

Poulos created Fat Burning Furnace focusing on the idea of efficiency. He wanted a time friendly program that gave him permanent results. It was also important that it is easy to follow so he and others could stick with it.

In the end, Rob says he discovered a lot of what he had tried doing before to lose weight was the exact opposite way to go about it.

Rob’s Results

Once he finally took all the things that worked to create his system, he said he ended up losing more than 42 pounds that included knocking 10 inches off his waist. And he did this working out a total of a few hours a week, eating normal foods and without using expensive pills or supplements.

His Wife’s Results

rob's wife before after

Just in case you think this is a program aimed at men, it definitely is not. In fact, once Rob’s wife Kalen saw all the weight that he lost and how good he looked, she started doing the program herself.

She ended up losing even more weight than he did simply by copying him. In total, she lost 59lbs and went from a size 12 down to a size 4.

So needless to say, the Fat Burning Furnace system works equally well for both genders, as you can witness by these before and after photos of both on them here in this article.

There is a video on the official site here which goes into both his and her stories about how they were successful in losing weight using this system. For those interested in this weight loss system, you should check it out and hear what they have to say firsthand for yourself.



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Rob Poulos’s Fat Burning Furnace program is a popular online fat loss program. It is one of the only fitness oriented programs which was created by someone who had trouble with his weight himself in the past and, through trial and error, has managed to find a way to lose his excess fat, build muscle tissue, increase his energy levels, and improve his health. That he took the time to write down his experience and research into the Fat Burning Furnace program is also a great thing in my mind.

However, the FatBurningFurnace program isn’t perfect. It has both pros and cons which you should know about before coming to a decision about it.

Fat Burning Furnace Pros and Cons


* It is well written
* Has great reviews and testimonials. This program produces results for many people
* Includes extensive nutrition and weight training information. The exercises come with pictures so it is easy to follow
* Unlike other fitness ebooks, Fat Burning Furnace is written in a way which is easy to understand, without too many scientific mumbo-jumbo
* Comes with a money back guarantee, so your purchase is secure


* Because this program is built on weight training it doesn’t contain too much info on cardio workouts which is something that I missed in this program.
* You will need to commit to working out regularly, so if you hate working out this isn’t for you.
* Most of the exercises require weights so you would either need to get some dumbbells for your home or have a gym membership

Overall, the Fat Burning Furnace isn’t the most advanced program in the world, but if you’re looking to just lose weight and get fit without getting too scientific, this is a worthwhile program to try.