Fat Burning Furnace Negative Review & Complaints

Fat Burning Furnace is a popular product but just like any other product, it does receive some complaints that lead to negative reviews. There are a few common complaints, but most of them deal with more technical issues than about people not liking the product itself.

First off, I want to clarify that there is another product called “Fat Burning Furnace – Amazing 2 Step Fat Loss System” by D. Amazin Grace. The site you are reading now is about the Rob Poulos product “Fat Burning Furnace” which you can purchase at FatBurningFurnace.com.

9 Negative Customer Commentscomplaint

Below is a list of the nine Fat Burning Furnace negative review comments typically found when doing some research. Complaints are broken down individually so you can easily find what you are looking for or just review them all if you are doing your due diligence before buying the product.

Also, there are actual answers and direct links to where you need to go (when applicable) included in this post in case you find yourself experiencing one of these issues once you buy it.

A few common related complaints have to do with being charged and not receiving the product or not getting an email about the purchase. Let’s look at these first and then we can go into some of the others such as how to request a refund.

1. Charged But Never Received The Product

This product is sold through ClickBank, and it is a digital product so once you purchase it, you will get an email from ClickBank with a link for you to download the e-book. Many of the complaints date back to when there wasn’t even an option to get a physical book sent to you so it would seem there was a misunderstanding about the format of the product.DVD

When the product was originally released, there was no option to get a physical book. Now you can have one mailed to you but there is an additional charge if you opted to get it. By the way you do not need since you can just print the e-book yourself – this is more of a nice to have for those who wanted a hard copy sent to them.

There may have been some confusion about the fact that you are getting a digital product, but now with the option to pay extra for a hard copy. This may make it clearer to those who thought it was a physical book being sent to them.

2. Didn’t Receive The Email

The confirmation email is sent by ClickBank Customer Service, not Fat Burning Furnace or Rob Poulos, once your payment is confirmed. As mentioned above, ClickBank is the vendor used to process sales of Fat Burning Furnace.

Sometimes the email ends up in your SPAM folder, so that has sometimes been to blame for this complaint. Once you purchase it, if you don’t see an email from ClickBank, the first thing you want to do is check your SPAM folder for it.

The next course of actions is to check the payment service you used (Credit card or PayPal) to be sure it went through. If the payment did go through, then you want to go here on ClickBank to submit a request to research your transaction. ClickBank is pretty good about contacting customers in a short amount of time.

3. Product Never Arrived

Most of these negative comments date back to when FBF was only offered as a digital product so there may have been some confusion over what an e-book is. Customers thought they were getting a book in the mail rather than being emailed a link to download the product onto their computer.

4. Trouble Getting A Refund

The easiest way to request a refund is to go directly to the vendor, ClickBank and make your refund request on this page. ClickBank processed your sale and will also process your refund for you, so you don’t have to contact Rob Poulos or Fat Burning Furnace.

The process requires you to enter some purchase information that will take you to the Order Detail page. Once there, click the ‘Get Support’ button, select ‘more options’, choose ‘request refund’, pick a reason from the dropdown menu and click ‘Send’ and that’s it.

I know refunds are given because as mentioned on my disclaimer page, I do receive a commission if you buy Fat Burning Furnace by clicking on one of the links on my site. If you do buy through my site, I can see when sales are made, and I can also see when refunds are given, and I have seen a few over the years.

5. No Delivery Address Asked For

As mentioned above, most of these were back in the time frame when only the digital version was offered, therefore, no mailing address would be needed since you would receive an email with download information.

6. Credit Card Debited/Credited To CLKBANK.com Or ClickBank

Fat Burning Furnace is sold through ClickBank, which is a reputable digital product marketplace. CLKBANK is their abbreviation and how purchases from ClickBank are displayed on your purchase order. If you would like more background information on ClickBank, you can check out the ClickBank Wikipedia page here.

7. Did Not Download & Can’t Find Site To Download It

You are taken to the download page when you purchase it. However, if you close the page before doing your downloads, there is a link in the email you receive from ClickBank, so try that first if you have the email. Look under the Technical Support section to locate this link.

If you have a problem downloading any of your Fat Burning Furnace purchase, then the support team can assist you. Just go to the support site to get help here: http://zerotoherofitnesssupport.com/

The page you land on first is the F.A.Q/Knowledge base page with frequently asked questions but if you can’t find your solution, click on the “SUBMIT A REQUEST” tab at the top to enter your question.

8. Can’t Get In Touch With Rob Poulos/Fat Burning Furnace

There are a few ways for you to contact Rob / Fat Burning Furnace. Here are your options:

Contact form on the support site by clicking “SUBMIT A REQUEST” tab
Mailing address: Zero to Hero Fitness, 43422 West Oaks Dr., #216, Novi MI 48377
Direct email to Rob Poulos at support@zerotoherofitness.com

9. Need To Buy Equipment

There have been some complaints about needing to invest in equipment. In the Fat Burning Furnace review on this site, that is one of the items listed under the “bad points”.exercise equipment

Although you can workout with minimal equipment, it will give fewer options, and you won’t be able to follow a lot of the routines provided since they require exercise equipment. Doing the same exercises will likely get boring if you aren’t able to find non-equipment options to add into your routine.

Lastly, I do want to add this is not a miracle weight loss program. You do need to commit to doing the workouts and following the eat plan to see results. The workouts are set up to be fairly quick, but you do need to make the time in your schedule. The eating plan allows for a lot of options too and isn’t super restrictive. For more details, click here to read this review.

Still want to buy Fat Burning Furnace? Visit the official site by clicking here.

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