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Does Organifi Green Juice Work

A common concern when thinking about trying something new is worrying about whether it works. You are reading this because you saw an ad online, or television about a new juicing product and you want to know does Organifi green juice work.

I saw those same ads and decided to do some research because like you, I had the same question. I read through the entire website then spent quite awhile reading a bunch of reviews from verified buyers.

I expected to see both positive and negative reviews and I did. For me, that is a good sign, because there are always going to be people that just don’t like a product. The first thing you should answer for yourself is why are you interested in the product.

Below I go through some of the effects I read about in the reviews.


Does it increase energy

The Organifi site lists several benefits. The main one I saw repeated over and over in the reviews is the increased energy. Many users who like the green juice commented on noticing they had more energy than normal. Some even said they saw a boost in energy shortly after they drank the juice and in as little as fifteen to twenty-five minutes.

Also, the green juice didn’t have the same effect as caffeine or energy drinks. Users said the energy boost was occurring without the jitters.

Focus & Mood change

I read a few who mentioned a lift in mood, and they felt more focused than usual. One of the reviewers said she often was depressed and felt down a lot but after having the green juice had a more positive outlook. Several also made comments about feeling more focused when using Organifi.


I found comments from several who said their stress level had decreased along with some of other benefits. I think this one probably is related to the focus and improved mood. It makes sense that your stress would go down if you’re in a better mood, more focused and feeling energetic.

Weight Loss

I know many people probably are considering using Organifi green juice to lose weight. However, from the reviews it seems this is more an indirect benefit. Having more energy and getting superfood greens will help you be more motivated to exercise.

Some people did outright say they did lose some weight, but I don’t want you to think that is the main benefit of this product. If you are looking for a weight loss supplement, you may be disappointed with this product and it may not be the right one for just this purpose. Some were using it as a part of a detox or meal replacements, so it makes sense they’d being losing weight.

Miscellaneous Benefits

There were other comments listing benefits such as improved sleep, regular bowel movements, improved digestion and less fluid retention. One person used it before surgery and commented that their recovery was fast, and the healing process was rapid.

Another said they noticed a change in their hair being less dry and this person was also diabetic and said the top of their feet no longer burned which was a huge plus as it was very painful when walking for this person.

Negative comments

As I mentioned above, not everyone loved this product. I did notice some common themes which I will share here.

Half Full

Many commented on the container only being half full. After reading through this complaint, it appears for many it was a case of the container being larger than needed to hold the amount listed on the container.

One guy actually dumped out the product and weighed it and said he ended up having more than what was listed on the bottle. Another person made a comment that since it is very fine, it easily spills and having a container larger than needed is better so it you keep it all in the container.


There were a lot of people who liked the green juice but just thought it cost too much. This one comes down to the person. How much are you willing to pay for an organic superfood.

Is it cheaper to blend a green smoothie? Probably, but I have made these before, and I can tell you that you need to have many fresh vegetables on hand, and it would be very hard to get the combination of all the ingredients in Organifi in my Ninja without ending up with a half gallon or more of juice.

For me, I want to make a green drink in single serving size so the convenience and benefit would be worthwhile, assuming I end up liking this when I get my bottle. Also, not everyone thought it was too expensive and broke down the cost to be affordable when comparing it to what they’d pay for a meal, snack or drink from a takeout place.

Prop 65 Warning

Many wrote about a comment on the side of the bottle that indicated it could contain cancer-causing agents in California. I have to admit this one concerned me greatly, and I was a bit confused why only one state which made no sense. I know you can get cancer from a lot of stuff, but I certainly didn’t want to be ingesting something that was risky.

What I found out was it had to do with Prop 65 in California it’ was referring to “heavy metals that are found in the soil, water and occur in nature.” There is a whole page on it that can explain it much better than I’d be able to, so I’m including a link to it here.

So Does It Work

Based on my research and the majority of the reviews, I believe it works for most people. I am ordering a container for myself and will edit or comment this article once I have given a try for a few weeks. I really like that it’s organic and non-GMO too.

I understand that no one wants to buy something which isn’t going to live up to what the advertisements are saying about the product. However, sometimes you have to check it out the best you can and then just make a decision to either try it or pass.