5 Easy Eating Tips For Losing Weight

The real ways to lose weight and keep it off are by eating healthy and doing fat burning exercise. In this article, you will discover some really immediate and simple changes you can make to your diet that you can put into action now to help you decrease body fat.


These are all pretty much common sense and easy to follow, but often aren’t done solely because you just don’t think about it. Exercise is important too, but that is discussed in another article so you can focus on these healthier eating tips below first.

Once you start implementing these tips you can think about starting a fat burning exercise routine if you are not already doing anything. But don’t worry about that yet because there is a super quick and efficient method for working out too. First, lets start with these eating tips.

Tip # 1 – Eat smaller meals every 3 to 4 hours. 

Yogurt and berriesThat means you probably have about 5-6 mini-meals throughout the day. By eating at shorter time intervals not only do you stay full but you burn off more of what you eat because your body can only digest so much food at once.

Regardless of who originally came up with the breakfast, lunch, dinner meal schedule, more people are realizing that may not be the best eating pattern to stay lean.

Tip # 2 – Drink water throughout the day, not just when you are thirsty.

When you feel thirsty, that is a sign of dehydration and your body is telling you that you are overdo for a drink.

Water Pouring into BottleSome of you may find it hard to make yourself drink water when you don’t really want it, but here’s an easy trick – always keep a bottle of water with you wherever you go. Take one in the car, keep one on at your desk, take water to meetings, etc. Whenever it gets empty, be sure to refill it right away or get another one.

This may sound ridiculous, but a lot of people have found that by doing this, it makes it easier to continuously be sipping on it. You will be surprised to find often you will be drinking it just because it is right there in front of you and it can easily become a good habit.

Tip # 3 – Make time to just eat your meals. noon

What this means is don’t be standing over the sink eating, or even reading or watching tv, and definitely don’t eat while in the car. The reason this is helpful is that you are not occupied with something else.

Eating in a relaxed atmosphere with less stimulus lets you enjoy your food. For those who really like to eat, ask yourself this: How many times have you sat in front of the tv and within minutes you had eaten everything on the plate before you even realized it?

When that happens, your stomach doesn’t have time to tell your brain “hey, I’m full” and this is how overeating occurs.

Tip # 4 – Take your time and chew all your food.Used Plate

This one kind of goes with the above tip and was sort of alluded to already. Remember that it shouldn’t be a race to clean your plate. And don’t be taking another bite until you have already swallowed what’s in your mouth.

Take time to eat and drink, you don’t have to be shoveling in the food and guzzling your beverage. Also, if you ever find yourself choking on your food, that is also a sign you are eating too fast.

Tip # 5 – Eat raw vegetables and fruit everyday.

mid section view of a woman cutting vegetablesNot to be gross, but raw vegetables provides the ruffage you need to keep your system clean. You need to give your body a break from all the fatty foods that are just too convenient to reach for at times.

Plus fruits and vegetables in the raw form provide essential nutrients your body needs. When possible you should eat your fruits and veggies raw and not peel off the skin. Just wash them well with water and eat them in their natural form so you aren’t throwing away vital nutrients by paring them.

So these are just a few really easy eating tips to help you on your way to reducing your body fat.  After awhile this list above will become habit and you will do it without even thinking. These teachings will also help you to become a healthier eater in the long run.

Losing the weight is the first step then once you no longer need to focus on it, you will need to train yourself to maintain your new body. Seeing results is a very motivating and will be a great incentive for you to keep going.

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  1. Great article and very helpful tips to lose weight. It’s not easy to decrease body fat but at same time is not impossible – you just have to put in the effort and you will succeed.

  2. nice ideas for weight loss. thank you for the information. losing weight is very hard for alot of people. i like the ideas you put forth in your decrease fat articles.

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  4. Your tip 3 to decrease fat is spot on. I bet tons of people are guilty of not taking the time to just sit down and eat. I used to eat in front of the tv but then I started sitting at the table and found that i did eat less.

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